Our Approach

We are the leading customization workshop in Mexico specializing in Asian and European motorcycles. We have deep knowledge of the design process, all technical and mechanical considerations, as well as an integrated project management process to execute your dream bike in show winning quality.

We offer the full spectrum from advanced motorcycle repairs (e.g. engine rebuild) to off-the-frame full restoration and customization. Not only do we use the best materials in the execution of every task, we also represent a number of exclusive brands and have access to all high tech production methods (like fully customized CNC parts) as well as artisanal metal work (like custom hammered aluminium mudguards and fully customized vintage exhaust systems).

Our Story

When Mexico did not know specialized workshops focused on Asian and English motorcycles, Cafeina Racer emerged. Cafeina Racer drove the evolution of the vintage motorcycle scene and has made itself a name through its Cafe Racer and Bobber builds, as well as a customizer  classic and modern motorcycles.

Cafeina Team

Memo and Mario have dedicated the last 10 years of their life to the customization and modification of motorcycles. With them, every build starts with the review of the motorcycle down to the bolt. The revision or rebuild of the engine follows and the customization of the motorcycle brings the project home. No bike leaves their workshop without impecable craftmanship, safety and security of all parts and a bike that the owner can be proud of for many  years to come.


Mario Chervatin

Founder & Head Designer

Studied Industrial Design, allowing him to have broad knowledge about materials, design, ergonomics and functionality when working on and overseeing Cafeina Racers custom motorcycle projects


Guillermo Cruz

Founder & Manager

Has studied mechanics and owned a automotive customization and restoration company. His focus has always been the creation of unique performance machines. Memo ensures for all of Cafeina Racers projects that they run impeccably, are deliverd to the customers wishes and executed within budget

Ready to start?

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